Saturday, June 19, 2010

Legendary Tequila Ambhar® Launches in Austin

Tequila Ambhar, a hand crafted, single barrel, small batch tequila, is now available in Austin. Created by Austin-based Santo Spirits, Inc. Ambhar is produced by hand at an artisanal distillery outside of Arandas, Capilla de Guadalupe, Mexico, and imported in Platinum, Reposado, and AƱejo bottling. Winner of numerous national and international awards, Ambhar is a return to the art of tequila, offering an authentic experience of one of the world’s oldest distilled spirits.

The name Ambhar was derived from Mexican mythology, and honors the story of a beloved goddess who was recreated on earth as the blue agave. The iconic bottle is reminiscent of a vintage decanter, and is filled by hand, individually labeled and numbered. A dragonfly medallion, a symbol of the storied goddess and rebirth, accompanies each bottle.

The top grade blue agave harvested for Ambhar is sourced in both highland and lowland regions, creating its unique smoothness and flavor characteristics. Unique to the brand, Ambhar’s agave is selected based on sugar content, a higher gradient factor than simply age alone. Its recipe calls for a sugar content in a specific range, which is proprietary to the company. The entire process of creating Ambhar is completed by hand, using careful distillation and artisanal processes to develop Ambhar’s smooth yet distinctive and versatile flavor. Ambhar is often served neat for sipping but also features superbly in cocktails and as a flavorful counterpoint to vodka.

First launched in 2009 in Nevada, Ambhar is now available in Austin and statewide at area retailers and is featured at popular restaurants, bars and clubs. Ambhar has won the following national and international awards and distinctions:

2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

GD USA Package Design (Graphic Design USA)

Ultimate Spirits Challenge

International Spirits Challenge 2010

WSWA Tasting Competition

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Media Contact: Angela Fulcher