Monday, October 13, 2008

Momiji Hibachi & Sushi: A Hidden Treasure

I highly recommend Momiji Hibachi & Sushi for a couple of reasons. The first is the service. The staff is very knowledgeable of the menu and the food choices. My wife and I were greeted warmly and in a very friendly manner. The cashier asked if it was our first time there. When we answered that it was, he took the opportunity to explain the menu and make suggestions. For example, he discussed the hibachi section and provided us with options. After we had placed our food order, the wait staff brought out our food quickly and explained the different sauces to us. The great thing is that you can actual watch the chef prepare your meal. If I had remembered to bring my Flip camcorder, I would have filmed it. The ingredients were very fresh. The beef was very lean. We had order the steamed rice with our meal and it was perfectly cooked. The vegetables were done perfectly. Cooked, but still retained the crispness. We had the Miso soup and it was delicious and served piping hot. We also had the Gyoza (Pan-Fried Dumplings). Delicious as well. Full of meat and balanced perfectly with spices. There are a few things that may cause a person to rethink the visit. The first is the ordering process. There is an ordering counter. So, if you are expecting to order at the table, you will be waiting for a while. There is a TV there and the music is a little loud. It does remind you of a fast food place. I think that if they changed it a bit, it would be great. When I have lunch, I like watching the news and listening to music. At night, I would suggest turning off the TV and using softer music. Just a suggestion. Aside from that, my wife and I will be returning for the sushi. Check out their website for the menu. You find it is very complete and has a great selection. We walked by the sushi case and saw that the seafood was very fresh and were quality cuts. Try the Mango Ice Cream for dessert. It is wonderful and is a great finish to an excellent meal.
Pros: Quality ingredients, friendly staff, great menu choices
Cons: Ambiance (choice of music and volume)

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