Sunday, November 2, 2008

Review: Bush's Fried Chicken

In Cedar Park, we had a Bush's Fried Chicken pop up on 1431 near the Wal-Mart. The chicken is very juicy, but lacks favor. The batter isn't seasoned. So, if you are looking for a basic fried chicken, it is ok. The pieces are fairly large and can easily satisfy a big appetite.
I don't recommend ordering the livers or gizzards. They are over-battered and fried too long. So, they are very dry. Thank goodness for the gravy. If you had to eat them without it, you would choking them down.
The unsweetened tea is good, but nothing to write home about.
In Cedar Park, there is a Popeye's and Bush's, I prefer Bush's over Popeye's. I do like the spicy chicken, but the size of the pieces are seem to be getting smaller. I have noticed the same about Church's. Additionally, there is KFC (I have always preferred the name Kentucky Fried Chicken) and a Golden Chick near us. If I had to make a choice on chicken, I would pick Golden Chick.
The chicken at Golden Chick is alway fresh and the pieces are fairly large.
What drives me to Golden Chick or Bush's is the fried okra. I can't pass up fried okra.
So, if I had to give Bush's a rating, it would be average. Not bad. Not great. Just an average chicken place.

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