Friday, November 12, 2010


In its December issue, available on newsstands next week, TEXAS MONTHLY will publish a definitive list of the 50 best Mexican restaurants in Texas, compiled by food editor Patricia Sharpe and her team of eaters. Today, to whet your appetite, editor Jake Silverstein released the names of the top 5 restaurants on his blog.

They are (in alphabetical order by city):

Fonda San Miguel, Austin
“The brilliant chile relleno San Miguel substitutes a dried ancho for the usual poblano and stuffs it with shredded chicken, green olives, capers, and almonds, a combination that is classic and avant-garde all at once.”

Cuquita’s, Dallas
“This unpretentious neighborhood joint may be a hub for political organizers, but when you’re here, it’s all about the food...The pozole sends us into a swoon, its lusty rust-hued broth filled with hominy and big chunks of pork, some still clinging to bone.”

Salsa Fuego, Fort Worth
“Salsa Fuego certainly looks like a dive, but when it comes to Mexican food, this piƱata-hued hole-in-the-wall may just be Fort Worth’s crown jewel.”

Hugo’s, Houston
"Houston’s temple of interior Mexican cuisine boasts a menu not only mind-bogglingly vast but also based on authentic recipes from chef and co-owner Hugo Ortega’s homeland of Puebla...immersion in the menu’s breezy seafood selection turns up ultra-fresh huachinango a la veracruzana, a traditional dish from coastal Veracruz. Here it’s a whole snapper roasted to a perfect turn and surrounded by a chunky tomato sauce jazzed with olives, capers, and onions.”

SoLuna, San Antonio
“Chef-manager Gerardo Calvillo is in love with recipes from Mexico’s heartland. Thus you will also find specialties like chile en nogada, a poblano lusciously stuffed with cooked fruits and ground beef and pork.”

To read more about the story, check out this post on editor Jake Silverstein’s blog:

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