Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Great Grilling Season!

With these mild evenings, I find myself doing more and more outdoor cooking. There is nothing better than grilling hamburgers, sausages, brats, hot dogs, steaks and so many other wonderful meats. Also, I enjoy smoking briskets, chickens and pork butts.

Over the years, I have cooked up many wonderful meals on my Weber grill. There are those who will tell you can't smoke brisket with propane. I say, "Hogwash!" You can smoke using a gas grill if you know the secret.

I know I haven't been writing a lot about grilling recently and certainly haven't been posting a lot on Youtube. Well, that will change. I will be sharing a lot of my favorite recipes and talking about some serious grilling and smoking using my Weber.

The first thing is to get a your grills ready for the season. That means cleaning the grill surface, removing the grease and generally getting the grill back in shape. In Texas, it gets really warm outside and the last thing you want to do is heat up the house using the oven. Start cooking outside and enjoy the experience. Cooking outdoors is great way to help the wife with meals while enjoying the smell and sounds of sizzling meat on the grill.

During the summer, hamburgers and hot dogs are mainstays for grilling. I also enjoy grilling Italian sausages. Saute some onions and green bell peppers. Add some marinara sauce and a bun. You got a party in minutes. Also, there is nothing like adding grilled Italian sausages to a spaghetti dinner. The smokey flavor of the sausage gives the sauce a little something you can't get anywhere else. Take it from me. It is worth the time to grill.

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