Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Roasted Chickens for Dinner

I purchased a couple of fryer chickens for dinners this week. At $0.88 per pound, you can't beat that very easily. Two chickens can easily carry us through to Thursday for dinner. My wife loves lemon pepper on the chicken, but I think it is too tame or tastes to lemony. So, I looked around and found something that works perfectly for us.

Weber Grill Creations Zesty Lemon Seasoning is absolutely perfect on chicken and fish. I have used it on tilapia, salmon, trout and shrimp. It also works well with chicken and turkey. So, I highly recommend it.

Preparation is a breeze. Just remove all of the organs from the cavity and wash the bird under cold water. Pat it dry and then apply some olive or vegetable oil and liberally apply the seasoning. I use then place the chicken on my Weber Chicken roasters. You can pour some liquid into the cup and infuse more flavor into the chicken. I will sometimes mix lemon juice, water and some whole peppercorns and pour it into the infusing cup. Cook for about 90 minutes at 350 degrees F. and you are set for the meal. The chicken comes over moist, tender and tasty. What a meal! Add a pasta salad or a tossed salad to it and you are set. Leftovers are delicious as well. My wife takes half a chicken breast to work for lunch.

If you would like to look at the Weber Roaster or the seasoning, I have included links to them for your convenience.

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