Saturday, May 9, 2009

A New Starter at Chili's

My wife and I went out for dinner this evening and we tried one of their new starters, the Onion String & Crispy Jalapeno Stack. It was absolutely delicious. My daughter who is normally a very picky eater enjoyed it as well. It is served with a Jalapeno Ranch dressing.

Although I have had onion string appetizers at other restaurants, I really enjoyed these. With the addition of the fried Jalapeno slices and the Jalapeno Ranch dressing, it was a spicy treat. I found the combination perfect.

I highly recommend trying them. The wife asked me to replicate the recipe for our next party with friends or to take them to the retirement community for Happy Hour on Fridays.


Anonymous said...

"The bad news: Chili's online info lists its appetizers under the heading "Start It Off Right," but you surely won't be doing that if you order their "Onion String & Crispy Jalapeno Stack." This before-meal snack is lugging along 2,130 calories, 213 grams of fat (I kid you not--42 ½ pats of butter!), and 1,320 mgs of sodium. (You know how some menus put a little heart symbol next to the heart-healthy meals? "Onion String & Crispy Jalapeno Stack" could just about be awarded tiny skull and crossbones.)"

Jesse Johns said...

You are absolutely correct. When we ordered the appetizer, it was shared between 4 people. You bring up a very interesting point regarding our ordering habits. When we order appetizers, we tend to treat them as an appetizer for 1 person. Thanks for sharing. Once again it goes back to one thing, we need to eat in moderation. I certainly wouldn't be eating one of these bad boys everyday.