Thursday, October 29, 2009

Farmhouse Delivery: Memberships Available

Farmhouse Delivery is the brainchild of local food advocate and chef Elizabeth Winslow and East Austin farm owner Stephanie Scherzer. The service, which operates out of East Austin’s Rain Lily Farm, offers home delivery of local produce, meats, dairy, beverages and pantry items.

In an effort to create a sustainable revenue stream for local growers, Farmhouse Delivery is replacing week-by-week individual delivery services with a weekly or biweekly farm membership. There are a limited number of memberships available for the upcoming 8-week subscription period and the deadline to sign up is Oct. 30, 2009. The season will run from Nov. 2 – Dec. 21. Weekly ($35) or bi-weekly delivery ($37) is available with a $20 set up fee. Additional local, fresh items (meat, cheese, breads etc.) may be added to your delivery each week; a full list is available at this link.

Farmhouse sources their food from a variety of local farms, which means that there are about ten types of vegetables in each bushel. Seasonal, local produce that we expect to see over the next couple of months includes:
Green beans
Heirloom Cauliflower
Greens and lettuces
Sweet potatoes
Citrus including limes, Myer lemons, oranges, Tangerines and grapefruit

Membership includes invitations to exclusive Rain Lily Farm events including demonstrations, dinners, cooking classes and more. (Click here for photos from the Oct. 17th Pig Roast.) Another perk is that deliveries are accompanied by recipe ideas (perfect for novice chefs or those trying to eat their way to a healthier lifestyle).

Eating local means supporting local farms, enjoying better tasting and higher quality food and limiting the carbon footprint by reducing the miles logged when trucking food from faraway locations.

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