Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yankee Pot Roast at Lehigh Restaurant near Rochester, NY

While I delivering training to students for a client in Rochester, NY, I had the opportunity to stop by the Lehigh Restaurant there in Henrietta, NY.

The diner is family-owned and operated and reminded me of diners of days long since past. When I walked through the door, I was greeted in a very friendly manner as if I were a relative who just came in from the cold after a long trip. There was the cash register and next to it was the chill case with the pies and desserts. All of them looked so wonderful.

I was escorted to my booth and given a menu. Within a few seconds, a very friendly waitress came to my table and asked for my drink order. After giving it to her, she was off quickly. I had time to observe the customers. Many were families and each had a relationship with the staff. They would talk and joke with the waitresses there in the diner. It was very refreshing to see such an atmosphere of family.

I gave the menu the once over and found the specials. The Yankee Pot Roast quickly got my attention. The evening was a little cold so a good, hearty dinner with meat, vegetables and mashed potatoes with brown gravy sounded wonderful. When my waitress returned with my drink order, she asked me if I was ready. I told her that the pot roast sounded the best. She told me that I would really enjoy it.

Along with the pot roast, I had a side salad, a couple of rolls and a soup. The soup was hamburger and macaroni. Wow! Something from my childhood. The soup was excellent. It was perfectly seasoned and hot. It was a great way to start the meal.

When the waitress brought the pot roast out and served it to me, I was shocked. The portion size was very large and definitely a great value. The mashed potatoes were served in a separate bowl covered in beautiful and tasty brown gravy. The vegetables that were cooked along with the meat were tender. The meat itself was perfectly seasoned and so very tender. I was able to cut it with my fork. The waitress did bring me a steak knife, but I don't know why. It was absolutely perfect and one of the best pot roast meals I have ever had.

I didn't have room for dessert, but I wished I had tried at least one of them. If they are anything like my meal, I'm sure I would have loved them.

So, if you find yourself in Rochester, NY, visit the fine folks at the Lehigh restaurant and enjoy a wonderful home-cooked meal.

4835 W Henrietta Rd, Henrietta, NY
(585) 334-2520‎

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