Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World Arrives at Con’ Olio - Austin, Texas

Freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World Arrives at Con’ Olio, 
Just in Time for Con Olio’s New Store Opening

The purveyors of Con’ Olio Oils & Vinegars—the first premium olive oil tasting bar in Austin—know the absolute importance of freshness. That’s why they bring in only the freshest extra virgin olive oils from around the world, and print the harvest date on every bottle. This season, Con’ Olio is highlighting 12 unique and freshly pressed extra virgin olive oils from the Southern hemisphere, which has an opposite growing season to the traditional Fall harvest of the Northern Hemisphere, all pressed within the past few months. The arrival of the new oils coincides with the opening of Con’ Olio’s third location this October at 12918 Shops Parkway in the Shops at the Galleria.

Some extra virgin olive oils coming to Con’ Olio later this season include those from Chile and South Africa. Currently available in store and online are three extra virgin olive oils from Australia, and three from Peru, all of varying flavor and intensity. The Ultra Premium Picual EVOO from Australia, which won the coveted Best of Class award at the 2013 International New York Olive Oil Competition, features green tomato and tomato leaf flavors and grassy, herbal notes that contribute to its complexity. Also from Australia is the Ultra Premium Hojiblanca EVOO, a mild and aromatic early harvest oil with notes of green banana, apple and stone fruit mingled with green floral and grassy flavors. The Ultra Premium Manzanillo EVOO from Australia has a medium intensity, with green strawberry, green apple, melon and jam notes, and a peppery finish.

Con’ Olio’s Ultra Premium Organic Barnea EVOO from Peru has a robust intensity, and won the gold medal at the 2013 International New York Olive Oil Competition. This early harvest oil features a strong herbaceous aroma and flavor, with notes of crushed parsley and fennel, and an incredibly peppery finish. The new Ultra Premium Organic Coratina EVOO from Peru also features a robust intensity, but a remarkable balance, with aromas of green grass and green herbal notes, green almond and apple flavors. The robustly intense Ultra Premium Organic Picual EVOO from Peru is an early harvest oil highlighting aromatic notes of parsley and unripe stone fruit, with a lingering pepper finish. All of Con’ Olio’s new Southern hemisphere extra virgin olive oils are ideal for cooking or finishing any meal.
Con’ Olio is located at 215 Lavaca St. in the Second Street District, and at 10000 Research Blvd., Suite 130, in the Arboretum. For more information about Con’ Olio’s oil and vinegar products, please call (512) 495 – 1559 for the Second Street District location, or (512) 342-2344 for the Arboretum location, or visit www.ConOlios.com.

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