Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Sunday 8/19: SOUL KITCHEN. Soul Music + Soul Food + Soul Cinema Helping the Needy

Introducing... SOUL KITCHEN!
Help the Needy via
Soul Music + Soul Food + Soul Cinema

Sun, Aug 19 @ Ritz  BUY TICKETS

Featuring a foot-stomping live soul jazz preshow set by Black Red Black and a dinner crafted by Nubian Queen Lola, proprietor of the restaurant bearing her name. A portion of the proceeds go to Nubian Queen Lola's ongoing effort to feed the homeless.

We've been hunting for a way to present classic soul cinema in a format that shows as much respect to the form as we feel it deserves. The classic blaxploitation era was an explosion of talent and entertainment like few we've ever seen. FRIDAY FOSTER brings together an all-star cast of great African American stars, led by Pam Grier (who has never looked more beautiful) as globetrotting photographer Friday Foster. When she witnesses an assassination attempt against "the richest black man in America", she gets involved in a web on intrigue and sepia glamor. With Yaphet Kotto as her dashing boyfriend, Eartha Kitt, Scatman Crothers, Godfrey Cambridge, Carl Weathers and many others. It should tell you a lot about this film that the pimp character is played as a ludicrous stooge, who Friday outwits at every turn. Fast-paced, loose-jointed, and hilarious - FRIDAY FOSTER is an unsung classic of soul cinema. (Lars)

The Menu:
- with GUMBO
- and BREAD PUDDING for Dessert
Vegetarian Option available upon request.

The Ritz
320 E 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701

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