Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Review of the Char-Broil Big Easy with Video

Well, I finally did it. I created a couple of YouTube videos for my blog. I hope you enjoy them.

If you would like to leave your comments, please do so.


Unknown said...

I just reviewed all of your videos about the Char-broil oilless turkey roaster. The information was good, but I was disappointed that your videos did not include one about the actual performance of the roaster when you did your 14 lb bird. I have seen very good reviews about this product, but also a few that felt is was really a dud--people wondering if they'd gotten defective merchandise. What was your actual experience in using the roaster? Thank you for your insights.

Anonymous said...

Jessie I to was VERY DISAPPOINTED to NOT see your review on the end product!! What happen?? Was it that bad?? Did Char Broil sue you about your comments?? Tell us what happened??

Brad Bradford

Jesse Johns said...

The turkey turned out delicious. There was only one problem. By the time I went to get my camcorder to record the results, everyone had already started to devour the turkey. I shot a video of the results and will be posting it to Youtube shortly. Each turkey I do in the Big Easy is perfect. You can't go wrong with this product. Also, I did notice the price is $99.95. I bought it when it was $139.95. At any price, it is worth it.