Friday, January 9, 2009

Preparing Meals with Special Dietery Requirements

If you are hosting a party or meal with friends and family, you need to be aware of any dietary requirements. With the number of food allergies out there especially peanut allergies, you have to make sure that your guests know that you have peanuts or peanuts products at your home. Some people are extremely allergic to the peanuts. Given that, you need to make sure to find out these things before they attend the function.

I make it point to contact everyone who will be attending and determine if there are any issues with foods. Some may have issues with wheat and will need a gluten-free menu for meals. Others may have issues with peanuts or shellfish. These allergies are the most prevalent and can be the most difficult to deal with as a host of a dinner party.

For example, if you offer fish and chips for dinner, you have to remember that the malt vinegar that may be served is NOT gluten-free. You can see by this example how things can easily sneak into a menu and cause problems for you.

By asking a few key questions prior to planning your menu, you can easily avoid any problems.

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