Friday, January 30, 2009

Smokey Mo's Opens a New Location in Cedar Park!

Mo knows BBQ and he has opened a new pit in Cedar Park near the intersection of Cypress Creek and Lakeline Blvd near the firehouse.

A friend of mine, Paul Baker, and I went there today and enjoyed a fine BBQ. In fact, we had the pork, sausage and brisket. All of it was excellent and there was a line of people waiting for some good BBQ.

When we got to the counter to place our order, we noticed the man and the legend, Morris Melchor (AKA Mo), behind the counter and serving up our BBQ. We had a chance to exchange a few words with him about the business and how things were going. He told us that business was booming. Needless to say, we told him that we enjoyed is BBQ and that he was in a perfect location.

The new location looks great on the inside and it is my understanding that it was going to be a Tin Star restaurant, but the restaurant owners, had to change their plans. So, Smokey Mo's moved in and is making a big impression. Mo told us that the original Smokey Mo's on North Bell would be remain open and continue to serve his wonderful BBQ.

Well, after we got our order, we enjoyed the pork. Perfectly cooked and tender. The sausage was also perfect. The brisket was a little dry, but I think Paul didn't order the extra moist. I always order extra moist. (I need to send an email to my doctor, Marty Molina, about the comment regarding the extra moist brisket. Sorry, Doc, I love extra moist.) The potato salad was spot on. The okra was a little off. It was different. I think the breading wasn't the cornmeal breading that I was used to.

The counter and dining room help did a great job in cleaning tables and welcoming guests. Thanks for the delicious BBQ, Mo. Mo knows BBQ!

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