Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Steak Fajitas for Dinner

This evening I thawed two top sirloins and decided that I would use them for steak fajitas. I would serve them with chopped tomatoes, sour cream and tortillas. To complete the meal, I would grill onions, green bell peppers and mushrooms.

Normally, I would use skirt steak for fajitas, but I can get sirloin on sale for cheaper. Yes, you read that right. Skirt and flank steaks used to be the cheapest cuts you can get, but with everyone making fajitas, the price for both cuts have skyrocketed.

I prepared the sirloin with a standard fajita dry rub and cooking oil. I let it sit for a while the grill heats up. Then, it is on to the grill. I cook the steaks until they are medium-rare. When they get about half through, I start the vegetables. I use a cast iron skillet and saute the vegetables in batches. Don't try to cook everything at one time. You will be sweating the vegetables rather than sauteing them. I cut them fine so that they cook quickly. Also, I use vegetable oil and fajita seasoning on them.

Once I have sauted the first batch, I move the batch on to the cooking sheet and put that into the grill. The grill keeps the vegetables warm as I cook the next batch. Usually, the steaks are done by the time the first batch of vegetables are finished. I place the steaks on top of the vegetables. The meat juices mix with the vegetables and adds an extra dimension to them.

After I complete the second batch, it is dinner time. I warm the tortillas up on the grill. I slice the sirloin thinly so the pieces fit nicely on the tortillas. Add the sauted vegetables, some sour cream, tomatoes and cheese. You have a delicious meal. I usually buy the top sirloin at Randall's for $2.99 per pound when it goes on sale. I can feed about 6-8 people with two fairly large sirloins. Needless to say, I have leftovers for tomorrow night's dinner.

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