Thursday, May 17, 2012

Max's is Turning Three!

Sunday, May 20th | 5:30pm | $75 

Another birthday around the corner... Max's is turning three! Join them for a celebratory Farmers' Market Dinner benefiting Settlement Home for Children.  Prior to dinner you'll even have a chance to meet and chat with the farmers themselves from Johnson's Backyard Garden, Vital Farms, Antonelli's Cheese Shop, and La Villa Ranch.  Then, you'll be treated to an elaborate four-course dinner featuring the farmers' offerings, paired with organic and sustainably grown wines.

Green Beans Three Ways
 Braised with Quail Sausage, Spicy Pickled and Tempura Fried
 (Johnson's Backyard Garden)
Francois Pinon 'Tradition' Vouvray
 Deconstructed Gazpacho
 Fresh Tomatoes, Shaved Cucumbers, Pickled Red Onion & Basil Sorbet
 (Johnson's Backyard Garden)
Feital 'Auratus' Trajadura/Alvarinho

 The Chicken and the Egg
 Chicken-Carrot Ragout on top of Fresh Zucchini Pappardelle with a Red Wine Poached Egg
 (Vital Farms and Johnson's Backyard Garden)
Luca Bosio Barbera d'Asti

 Cheese Course
 Texas Cheeses with House-Made Accompaniments
Alexandro Pedro Ximenez Sherry

 For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Max's calendar of events page.

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