Thursday, June 13, 2013

Westlake To Get Juiced Up By Daily Juice With New Store Opening in Mid-June

Westlake is About To Get Juiced Up:
New Daily Juice Store Opening in Mid-June

Daily Juice, an Austin-based company devoted to natural foods for the mind, body, and spirit, will open a second store in mid June in the heart of the Westlake  neighborhood, a suburb just west of downtown. Nestled in the Westbank Market Center, Daily Juice offers everything from delicious cold-pressed organic juices and superfood smoothies to grab-and-go healthy meals and energy-infused cleanses.

“Westlake hit our demographic of an active lifestyle,” said John Martin, the CEO and co-founder of the Daily Juice Group. “Plus, the people who were coming downtown had known Daily Juice the brand for a decade—and had been clamoring for it. So it seemed natural to go in there next.” Martin revamped the Daily Juice system about two years ago, building a prototype that could be used to refine processes, ensure quality control, and enable scalability. His efforts proved a success, resulting in the downtown store last September and now the Westlake location this May.

At Daily Juice it all starts with organic produce. The philosophy is to use nothing that has been chemically treated, processed, or genetically modified in their juices and entrées. In the cold-press process, those organic fruits and vegetables are put under high pressure in a hydraulic press to squeeze everything out. The result is a highly nutrient-rich product. “In a 16-ounce drink, you are getting five pounds of produce through cold-pressing,” explained Martin. Daily Juice sources locally as much as it can, so the menu reflects what is in season. The focus is on taste and nutritional makeup, and every new flavor combination, whether a smoothie or entrée, is tested in-house and through customer feedback.

That commitment to quality is evidenced by the product offerings: classic smoothies such as Riki Tiki Tembo (mango, green tea, mint, lime, and agave nectar) or the Berry Melon-O (strawberry, mango, raspberry, and watermelon); grab-and-go meals including all-organic kale salads, quinoa korma, and zucchini involtini; cold-pressed juices such as the Green (kale, cucumber, apple, and spirulina) or the Yellow (pineapple, Texas grapefruit, orange, and lemon juice); and cleanses including the 3-Day Sunshine Cleanse to the 7-Day Fresh Start Cleanse. Daily Juice is an investment in you.

Daily Juice Westlake is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the summer (call for fall hours) and is located at 3300 Bee Cave Road, Suite 245, Austin, TX  78746 (next to Starbucks). For more information call 512-243-6532 or go to

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