Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NOW OPEN: Fresa's Chicken Drive-Thru Now Open on North Lamar

Seasoned restaurateurs, Larry McGuire, Tom Moorman, Tracy Overath and Margaret Vera opened Fresa’s Chicken Al Carbon on April 16th, at 11a.m. at 915 North Lamar Boulevard, serving signature, high quality take-out meals, ready in minutes and served through one of Fresa’s convenient drive-thru or take-out windows.
Succulent Mexican-inspired chicken is the spotlight.  Unlike common supermarket rotisserie chicken, Fresa’s is slow-grilled over hardwood charcoal to lock in robust flavors and juices, giving it a rich, deep smokiness and savory charred skin. Served as a complete meal, whole chicken dinners ($23.00) or half-chicken dinners ($14.00) are perfect for busy couples or families and come with rice, beans, grilled onions, jalapenos, salsa and tortillas.
“The most important part of this concept to us was to serve a chicken we could be proud of. Peeler Farms chickens are locally raised, allowed to pasture, fed a 100% vegetarian diet, never given any medicine, and processed by hand on a family owned farm. Not only can you feel good about eating this chicken, but the quality is amazing, it is really a unique and exciting partnership between a grower and a restaurant.” says Larry McGuire.
Charcoal grilled chicken comes in two flavorful marinades: the classic Numero Uno, in a blend of achiote and citrus, and the Numero Dos, seasoned with fresh oregano and cracked black pepper. Sides included in the meal include charro or black beans, Mexican or white rice, corn tortillas and red and green salsas.
Fresa’s Chicken Al Carbon is open daily from 11am until 11pm. For more information visit www.fresaschicken.com and become a fan on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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