Monday, January 16, 2012

Chef Jack Gilmore at Pickle Elementary 1/17 for "Local Chefs, Local Fresh"

Sustainable Food Center (SFC) and AISD  Food Services present "Local Chefs, Local Fresh" with Chef Jack Gilmore  of Jack Allen's Kitchen at Pickle Elemenary  School on Tuesday, January 17 at  6:15pm.

Along with First Lady, Michelle Obama, "Let's Move!" campaign and the "Chefs Move to Schools" program, Austin Independent School District Food Services is partnering with Sustainable Food Center to introduce our own initiative with a decidedly local flavor--"Local Chefs, Local Fresh."
The purpose of this project is to involve our community of talented local chefs in the efforts of AISD Food Services and accomplish the goal of educating the students and our broader school community about the importance of eating healthy. Sustainable  Food Center and AISD Food Services Executive Chef, Steven Burke invite you to be a part of this meaningful movement.     

"Local Chefs, Local Fresh," our Austin-based Chefs Move to Schools project, includes a dual-pronged opportunity to help inform recipe development in AISD kitchens while also providing a community-outreach component at CATCH nights and other gatherings at schools where SFC's Sprouting Healthy Kids project is in full swing.

We began this initiative in November 2011 at Jordan Elementary School with a CATCH night recipe demo by Chef Nadine Thomas of Trace, followed by a December demo by Chef Alma Alcocer-Thomas of El Alma Café y Cantina at Webb Middle School. Over 200 students and their families attended each event.

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