Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Duck & Pigeon to January Dinner at Springdale Farm

Springdale Family Dinner
January Dove, Duck, & Pigeon Dinner

Update: We've expanded the birds we're featuring to include duck and pigeon, so this will be a real taste of what the current season has to offer! We have a few seats left.

Also, we've just gotten a peek at the menu. Here's a little peek for you:
  • "faux gras" terrine with pecan bread and winter strawberries
  • wild duck confit
  • stacciatella of wild poultry stock and duck eggs
  • dove breast with juniper and bay
  • squab with wild hog pancetta
  • wild rabbit with yellow carrots, chiles, and chives
That's not even close to all of it, either.

Click here to reserve your seat at the table.

When dove season begins, many Texans find themselves on a friend of a friend's ranch with a shotgun, a six-pack, and enough jalapenos and bacon to stuff and wrap every dove they can shoot from the sky. As usual, we're going to take it to a higher level.

The Homegrown Revival crew has joined up with Tink Pinkard of Off The Fly suppliers to harvest flocks of this local delicacy for our January dinner. Tink will be joining us for dinner and to talk about this season's dove harvest, as well as the other local wild treats that can be hunted and foraged now and in upcoming months. We're all big fans of Tink, and we know you're going to like him, too.

Chef Sonya Cote won't be serving the usual backyard bacon-wrapped jalapeno-stuffed dove; she'll be applying her well-honed Mediterranean skills so you'll have a chance to enjoy dove in a completely different way. Of course, we'll be enjoying the fresh produce of Springdale Farm, including a taste of the beautiful winter strawberries we saw this year.

For your further enjoyment, Jason Stevens will be creating drinks that will both whet your appetite and complete your evening.

Join us at Springdale Farm on January 25, 2011. Seats are $90 each, and the dinner is BYOB except for the cocktails served before and after the meal. Cocktails will be served at 7pm and dinner begins at 7:30.

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