Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feeding a Small Army

If you are hosting a party and have a lot of guests or you just do not have the time to cook, keep things very simple and figure out ways to save time.

You can cook a large entree or several small ones and then combine the entree with simple yet tasty sides.

For example, I will cook 2 large chickens using my Weber grill and then put together simple simple dishes. You will find that keeping things simple can be very elegant. I will ofter serve smashed potatoes and green beans almondine with the grill roasted chickens.

As for dessert, try this. Take a pound cake and cube it up. Place the cubes in martini glasses and layer in thawed frozen strawberries with their syrup. Then, add a layer of whipped cream. You have a very elegant strawberry shortcake.

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