Saturday, January 5, 2013

Texas vs. The World | Featuring Inwood Estates Vineyards - Fort Worth, Texas

Monday, January 14, 2013 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Fort Worth, Texas

The Fort Worth Club
306 West 7th Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Cost: $50


January: Tempranillo
Featuring: Inwood Estates Vineyards- A Pioneer in Texas Tempranillo

When you ask the average Texan ‘what do you think of Texas wine?’ you almost always, without exception get one of two responses back. Either they haven’t had any Texas wine worth remembering or they don’t even see it as an option when there is so much “better” wine out there.

The Texas v. The World Tasting is a series that meets every 1st Wednesday and is a head-to-head varietal comparison of wines made in Texas, by Texas grown fruit compared to the same varietal in a wine from another world-class growing area.

Each tasting has a featured winery to co-host each tasting along side of GUSTO. The producer is there to shed light, lead discussions and answer questions about making wine in Texas. GUSTO Sommeliers are there to lead discussion and answer questions on the other world-class wines in the tasting. This tasting is intended be relaxed, social and fun; as well as being great for networking with other wine enthusiasts and professionals.


$50 In Advance
$60 At the door if there is space

Ticket price is inclusive of all the tastings and light food fare for each table.

This tasting series is produced in partnership with the Texas Wine and Food Consortium(TXWFC); who’s mission is to promote the Texas wine industry through trade collaboration, events, education  and outreach. Join us and support   the Texas wine industry. It’s going to open your eyes about the world-class wines being produced right here in our own background.


Flight 1: Ribera del Duero
1. Fuentespina, Ribera del Duero, ‘Roble’, Joven, Tempranillo, 2009
2. Fuentespina, Ribera del Duero, Seleccion, Tempranillo, 2007
3. Fuentespina, Ribera del Duero, Reserva, Tempranillo, 2005

Flight 2: La Rioja
1. Marqués de Cáceres, Rioja, Crianza, Tempranillo, 2008
2. Marqués de Cáceres, Rioja, Reserva, Tempranillo, 2005
3. Marqués de Cáceres, Rioja, Gran Reserva, Tempranillo, 2004

Flight 3 & 4: Texas Tempranillo
1. Haak Winery, Texas, Reddy Vineyards, Tempranillo, 2012
2. Cap Rock Winery, Texas High Plains, Tempranillo, 2010
3. Hilmy Cellars, Texas High Plains, Tempranillo, 2011
4. Solaro Estate, Texas, Reserve, Tempranillo, 2010
5. Llano Estacado, Texas High Plains, Newsom Vineyard, Cellar Reserve, Tempranillo, 2010
6. Becker Vineyards, Texas High Plains, Reserve, Tempranillo, 2011

Flight 5: Inwood Estates Vineyards
1. Inwood Estates Vineyards, ‘Cornelious’, Tempranillo, 2005
2. Inwood Estates Vineyards, ‘Cornelious’, Tempranillo, 2008
3. Inwood Estates Vineyards, ‘Cornelious’ Reserve, Tempranillo, 2008
4. Inwood Estates Vineyards, ‘Cornelious’, Tempranillo, 2009
5. Inwood Estates Vineyards, ‘Magnus’, 67% Tempranillo/33% Cabernet, 2011 – Barrel Sample -


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