Monday, January 28, 2013

The Food Lab at UT Presents LongHouse Food Revival - Austin, Texas

Friday, February 1, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Austin, Texas

Pine Street Station
1101 E 5th St
Austin, Texas 78702

An intimate gathering of some of the nation's food thought leaders dedicated to exploring media and food stories. Produced in collaboration with The Food Lab at UT's “Food, the City and Innovation” conference, the Austin LongHouse Food Revival spotlights THE BUSINESS OF TELLING FOOD STORIES and includes a Pop-Up Food Magazine, a series of multimedia presentations featuring video documentary, radio interview, photography, traditional print media, books and of course, a Live Fire Feast designed to spark imagination & the entrepreneurial spirit.

6-7pm: Cocktails, Tamales and Really Smart Talk
Featuring Mexican pop, local brews and margaritas, along with fresh tamales to nibble on while you mix and mingle with the LongHouse speakers and guests.

7-8pm: Pop-Up Food Magazine
Original content on “the business of telling food stories.” This hour-long series of multimedia presentations will include insight from our speakers, video documentary, radio interview, photography, traditional print media, books, and more!

8-10pm: LongHouse Live-Fire Feast
Live-fire goat and beef roast…fiery sides and salsas…original desserts…wine and drinks…music…great company and conversation.

The Convening Brain Trust includes...
Gustavo Arellano, author of Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America, syndicated columnist ("Ask A Mexican!") and unrepentant contrarian and self-made media mogul.

Elissa Altman, director of cookbooks, Rodale Press, founder of, cookbook author, mistress of food prose & literary raconteur.

Melissa Guerra, founder of Melissa Guerra: Latin Kitchen Market, co-founder of Texas Foodways, author of two cookbooks including Dishes from the Wild Horse Desert: Norteno Cooking of South Texas, ranch born, bred and still wrangling pots, words and the occasional Longhorn.

Hilah Johnson, recipe diva, video blog entrepreneur and founder of

Molly O'Neill, founder of Longhouse Food Revival and, author of One Big Table, The New York Cookbook and Mostly True: A Memoir of Food, Family & Baseball, the Damon Runyon of American food.

Rachel and Logan Cooper, Austin’s dynamic duo who traveled around the world, eating, writing and blogging away at

Beatriz Terrazas, Pulitzer prize winning photographer and indomitable story teller
...converging to create a multi-media Pop-Up Food Magazine that explores the story of the Mexican Diaspora and presents tales from the front lines of food start ups.

The presentation is followed by BARBACOA TANGO MEXICANA FEAST, in which baby goat and big steer face off over live fire under the sure hand of artist and pit-master Kiko Geurra, who brings generations of Nortendo tradition to the wood and meat and Iliana de la Vega, owner of El Naranjo, whose Michelin-starred restaurant in Oaxaca established her as the High Priestess of Oaxacan cuisine, reigns over salsas and side dishes…with snazzy boutique brews, supple wine and artisanal firewater galore.

Based on the 19th century American Chautauqua movement, LongHouse Food Revivals are a series of annual gatherings of thought leaders across the United States. The Revivals are designed to stretch the boundaries of how food stories are told, raise the bar on the nation’s food news agenda and, most of all, foster the community between generations, regions, cultures and media platforms that support innovative work of the highest quality. Produced by CookNScribble, the online educational resource and virtual editorial office for food writers, bloggers and producers, LongHouse Food Revivals are intimate gatherings that are large in vision. No two Revivals are alike. All are serious fun.

Visit for more on the LongHouse Food Revival.
Click here for more on The Food Lab at UT's "Food, the City and Innovation" conference.
Food writers! We're also offering a CookNScribble Food Writing Seminar in Austin on Saturday, February 2, 2013. The LongHouse Food Revival and Food Writing Seminar can be bought as a package at a discounted price. Seminar info and more details here.

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